Claxton Poultry and Dairy Farms

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Poultry Specialist

Location : Toronto, Ontario, CA
Date Posted: 2016-01-23 07:57:14

The Poultry Specialist participates with the poultry team to feed and care for all Poultry Division species (including, but not limited to, meat chickens, layer chickens, chukar, squab, quail, guinea fowl, turkeys, ducks, geese, and rabbits) in a humane and organic way

Responsibilities include feeding and watering animals, loading animals for harvest, transporting animals to proprietary slaughter facility, collecting and washing eggs, moving birds on pasture, setting up electric fence, manure management, and any other tasks related to care for the animals and the equipment within the poultry division. 


- Daily care and maintenance of poultry division animals including: feeding, watering, & collecting eggs 

- Daily animal movement specific to each species within the Poultry Division; e.g. Moving birds out of brooder & moving pasture pens 

- Loading and transporting birds & rabbits for harvest 

- Manure management including bedding and cleaning out pens and Hoop houses 

- Upkeep of Poultry Division vehicles and equipment 

- Being a team player by: having a positive attitude when unexpected tasks arise, helping other departments, and going above and beyond Knowledge 

- Basic knowledge of organic & humane poultry husbandry (including rabbits) 

- Basic knowledge of electric fencing operation 

- Basic Ranch Knowledge Skills 

- Vehicle operation and maintenance 

- Farm Equipment operation and maintenance 

- Egg handling 

- Poultry and rabbit handling 

- Pasture pen/coop maintenance and movement Abilities 

- Attention to detailed needs of small animals 

- Eye for potential dangers to animals 

- Critical thinker & problem solver 

- Trustworthy to care for animals with integrity to the mission of Belcampo 

- Willingness to learn new techniques and practices 

- Willingness to be a part of the team 

- Willingness to do whatever it takes Technology related