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Director of IT

Location : US
Salary/Rate: 100000.00
Date Posted: 2017-03-14 11:38:25



A)  Coming from manufacturing environment using ERP & experience working on manufacturing floor.

B)  Able to rewrite transfer programs that take care of data between CMS & SQL Server.

C)  Software development, management, programming VB.Net, C++, ASP.Net, & hardware/software issues.

D)  Create SQL Server objects, stored procedures, & Microsoft Reporting Services  report.

E)  Directly managing a one person or small IT group, including dealing with outside vendors.

F)  SQL D.B.

G)  MUST have Energy & Proactive attitude.



++++Visual Studio 2005, EDI, Security (user & rights maintenance), SharePoint.






1)  Responsible for all management, planning, & hands-on execution of all technology.

2)  Hiring contractors if needed.  Will do all installation, programming, hardware/software & training.

3)  Programming VB.Net, C++, & create ASP.Net written in VB.Net, including creating Microsoft Reporting reports, services.

4)  Create Microsoft SQL Server objects, i.e. tables, views, store procedures & SSIS, SQL operating system

5)  Develop & maintain IT infrastructure assuring all to be reliable, secure, scalable, recoverable, including software installation, networking, servers, and workstations.

6)  Bringing ERP to current level ( 2-3 levels behind).

7)  Their manufacturing reporting metrics (on SQL) needs upgrade.

8)  Upgrade current Microsoft 2005 (6 servers) to current state-of-art environment.


9)  Manage an AS400 (one server)  ERP environment.