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Data Scientist

Location : Redmond, Washington, US
Date Posted: 2015-04-01 16:20:35

Role    Data Scientist
Mandatory Technical Skills    "

• Proficient in SAS/R
• Proficient knowledge of TSQL
• Proficient knowledge SSIS and ETL
• Knowledge of SSRS and SSAS
• Should be  a developer proficient in TSQL, SSIS/ETL along with SAS
• Should be proficient in programming (preferably in C#)
• Working knowledge of Microsoft products and understanding of pivot tables and charts"

Desirable Technical Skills    "

• Good to have - Data exploratory skills including Pareto chart, histogram, summary statistics, percentiles, box and whisker plot, dot plot, pie chart, line graph
• Good to have - Basic statistical understanding and usage of measures of centrality, measures of spread, and normal versus extreme values
• PDW (Parallel Data Warehouse/ Microsoft Analytics Platform) experience (good to have)
• COSMO, Hadoop, big data experience (good to have, but not necessary)
Mandatory Functional Skills    "

• Ability to communicate clearly in writing and verbally
• Willingness to work in team and to received directions
• Must be able to meet and communicate with internal clients and data scientists
• Gather data requirements from Data Scientists, extract data and represent it presentable formats/reports
• Participate in meetings between team and client
• Be able to deal with ambiguity and changes
• Have strong collaboration skill – create a trusted and cooperative environment through open communication of ideas to achieve the team’s goal
• Have strong communication skill – ability to convey the right information and influence other towards desired action either verbally or by written means"