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Reshma Kumar

 27 Karen Drive                                                                                        Cell: 203-434-4565

Norwalk, CT-06851                                                                      




•          15 years of professional experience in all the phases of software development life cycle including design, development, integration of Client/Server environment, maintenance, implementation and testing of various software applications. 

•          Creative and dependable software team lead with strong analytical and programming skills. Good team player and problem-solver.

•          Extensive hands-on experience in architecture, design and development of e-commerce and      m-commerce applications and distributed systems.

•          Proficient in object oriented application design and development in multiple languages and            platforms utilizing best practices.

•          Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills. 

•          Good academic background.  US Citizen.



Languages: JAVA/J2EE (5+ yr), C++(11+ yr), C,                Operating Systems: Redhat  PHP5/Zend(3 yr), PERL, PYTHON                                     Linux , Solaris, Unix,           

Java Frameworks: J2EE, Android, Spring,                         Windows XP and NT, VMS

Hibernate, JCR                                                                  Deployment tools: Maven

Scripting:  Freemarker, JavaScript/JSP, Perl, Unix            Distributed Environment

Web Service protocols:  JSON, HTTP, and XML,              protocols: RMI,

RESTful services, SOAP, some JSF, HTML5,JQuery, Ajax JMS/ActiveMQ, RPC

Mobile development: Android App, Facebook Api, Brew     IDEs: Eclipse, Visual Studio,   WAP/WML/HDML                                                              NetBeans, PHPStorm, Sun Studio

Debuggers: gdb and other; Editors: Vi/Vim, Emacs            Web/App Servers: Tomcat , Apache, Revision/source control: mercurial, svn, cvs,      Java Web server

perforce, git                                                                       Databases: SQL Server, My                                                                                         

Continuous Integration tools: Jenkins                              SQL, Tokyo Cabinet, Oracle,

Team coordination tools like JIRA, confluence                 JDBC, Sybase, Transact

Familiar with Agile development methodologies                 SQL, PL/SQL, SQLLoader   



Senior Developer/Consultant, October 2014 - February 2015, Gartner, Stamford, CT


Technologies used: Java, Hippo CMS, Maven, Tomcat, Spring, JCR/Jackrabbit, JAX-RS, JSON, XML, JAXB, JRebel, Bootstrap, Freemarker, Javascript, Jenkins


Worked on the Events Marketing Redesign project to move the website that hosts all of Gartner\\\\\\\'s events marketing from TeamSite to the Hippo content management system.  Some of the objectives were a new data driven design and content structure and a flexible cms that decentralizes content management

and streamlines the business process.  Made best use of Hippo\\\\\\\'s capabilities, and came up with solutions to work around some of its current limitations.

·        Created the Seo, Agenda, Venue & Travel, Community, Faq, Registration and other sections of the website.

·        Created reusable cms compounds with an effort to give cms editors the most intuitive look and feel.

·        Created methods for json data handling, parsing and display.

·        Integrated Freemarker code blocks in the html templates to display the cms or feed data.

·        Designed the seo section to easily add most schema tags, meta and alt image tags through the cms and optimize the visibility of Gartner\\\\\\\'s events websites in web searches.


Designed and implemented a generic Hippo cms based RESTful web service to retrieve enterprise forms created in cms and return the corresponding xml (or json) representation of the content.  The web service is agnostic of the actual page being accessed, can work with virtually any cms document and can be accessed via generic urls.  Currently the Next Gen application works with hand crafted xml files that have to be manually edited, or those created though Teamsite Data Capture Forms.  With this web service, changes to the documents in cms will be directly reflected in the xml output. 


Lead Android Developer, July 2014 - September 2014, mYusic, Inc. - (CT, NY)


Previously employed by them between October 2011 and December 2013

·  Performed enhancements for the Android app, previously developed by me.

·  Integrated with latest Facebook api changes.

·  Performed enhancements to the C++ likes server, previously developed by me.


Senior Software Engineer/Team Lead, Dec 2013 - June 2014, JobTarget, Norwalk, CT

Technologies used: PHP, JAVA, Mercurial, SQL, Zend, Actve MQ, NetBeans, Eclipse and PHPStorm IDE\\\\\\\'s, VirtualBox


·        Designed and implemented major enhancements in the \\\\\\\"Distribution\\\\\\\" system that posts jobs to various sites, addressing many bottlenecks and problem areas, and improving efficiency.

·        Installed and configured the Zend Framework\\\\\\\'s PHP-JAVA Bridge and added Java threads to                 improve volume and scalability.

·        Explored integration with other technologies such as Rabbit MQ and GEARMAN.

·        Created UML diagrams and Redesign documents. Wrote framework code for the redesign project that addressed the need for a high volume, high availability scalable infrastructure that\\\\\\\'s extensible and easily maintainable, while seamlessly working with new and legacy systems.

·        Fixed complex long standing business-critical bugs in the current system.

·        Analyzed problem areas in other related systems that had an effect on overall success of the system.

·        Coordinated with off-shore teams, performed code reviews, and provided direction as needed.


Lead Android Developer, October 2011 - December 2013, mYusic, Inc. - (CT, NY)
Developed the Android version of the mYusic app on Google Play, and came up with creative solutions to increase the user base.

Technologies and tools used: Android SDK, JAVA, REST, Web Services, XML, Eclipse IDE, JSON, C++/Linux, PHP, Facebook Open Graph api, Tokyo Cabinet, svn for version control


Collaborated with product and engineering team members to define and develop the product.

Integrated Facebook login and session management into the app. Processed Facebook musical likes for the recommendation engine to personalize the experience for each user. Swift response rate in a few milliseconds while servicing multiple clients was achieved. This was implemented in the backend for all the versions of the app -- ios, Android and web.
Made use of social media (Facebook API programming) to display users\\\\\\\' app use on Facebook and promote the app.


Senior Software Engineer, January 2007 - February 2011, Factset Research Systems - Norwalk, CT

Designed, developed and maintained C++/Linux/VMS ticker plants and feed handlers for the real-time market data group as below:


• Developed a generic ticker plant interface, utilized design pattern to reduce tick processing overhead
• Wrote C++ infrastructural tools (to filter and view the high volume feeds and ticker plant output)
• Bonds Trade Dissemination System
• OPRA (Options Price Reporting Authority)

• Tullett ticker plant, feed and visualization tool

• Russian Trading System
• Many European, Asian and South American exchanges
• Developed GUI Perl charts of market data corrections
• Linux shell scripts
• Participated in trouble­shooting, team installations and on­call duties


Programmer Analyst, September 2005 - December 2006, Securities Industry Automation Corporation - Brooklyn, NY

Involved in NYSE\\\\\\\'s Hybrid Market initiative. The NYSE Hybrid Market is a new market model that integrates the best aspects of the auction market with automated trading. As a result, customers receive the broadest choice of trade-execution preferences. Designed and developed modules for the Display Book application used by specialists on the trading floor, as per requirements. Display Book is the order matching and management system used by specialists from member firms to stabilize the market. Participated in the Specialist API project, that allows the specialist to send a variety of orders to trade against other orders in the market. Fixed several defects and implemented change requests related to different Display Book functionalities. Also participated in UML design using Enterprise Architect, investigating production issues, business analysis, requirements research, peer reviews, code inspections, and peer testing and in
packaging and releasing new versions of the product. Development was done in C++/HP Unix. The Display Book application has a complex code base and extensive business logic, effectively using various design patterns. Other tools used: Rational Purify and Quantify to detect and analyze runtime errors, Clearcase for archiving and release management, Remedy for bug tracking, Lotus Notes, Sametime etc. Achieved a high performance rating.


User Interface Specialist, May 2005 - August 2005, Ask Jeeves - White Plains, NY

Responsible for designing, developing and maintaining the User Interface section of Ask Jeeves Interactive. Supported the existing Ad Services infrastructure and incorporated new enhancements. The Ad Vision User Interface is a web based application server, adapted from Engage\\\\\\\'s AdManager, that allows advertisers to create and schedule Ad campaigns and specify targeting. These campaign specifics are stored in the database and the advertisements are delivered according to schedule by the Ad Engine. The goal was to merge all the versions of the Ad Server/AdVision User Interface into a unified product to be called Univision. Was responsible for the bug fixes and enhancements towards customizing the UI for Iwon

and Excite.  Worked with C++ in Linux, Visual C++, Javascript, Oracle SQL, Perl, and HTML. Came up to speed quickly and met deadlines under tough time constraints.

Consultant, January 2005 - March 2005, Goldman Sachs - New York, NY


Worked in the Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities group doing 80% development and 20% support.  Learnt about trade clearance and settlement processes.


Created a server application (C++/Unix) within their “Distributed Framework architecture that maintained (in a Sybase database as well as a local hashset) an inventory of “Repo” (Repurchasing and Collateral related) short positions and published the short positions every time the inventory got updated. The distributed framework consists of a GUI that allows a developer to add components (like objects, attributes, containers, service, publisher, methods) and auto-generates code for the components, that can be derived from and extended as required. Standard Template Library constructs (containers, templates, algorithms, function objects) and design patterns were utilized. Also implemented a test suite that tested whether the publisher was up, and rmi calls made from the client to the server to insert, update and delete positions. Wrote Sybase stored procedures to update the database.


Computer Programmer, July 2004 - October 2004, Normandy Asset Management - New York, NY

Made effective use of Standard Template Library components to retrieve, store and manipulate historical tick data stored in large binary files. Performed calculations such as averages, profit and loss and average return on investment for stock transactions based on certain hypothetical market indicators (e.g. simple and weighted moving averages). Created graphical representations of trends. The programs were written in C++/Unix using Sun’s Visual Workshop 5.0., and represented the basic templates from which future models for trading strategy would have been developed and tested. Portions of the data in the binary files were loaded into vectors of pararameterized types (user defined objects), which made it easy to efficiently search though the data using functions such as \\\\\\\"lower_bound\\\\\\\". To use \\\\\\\"lower_found\\\\\\\", function objects that could compare instances of the parametererized types were written. Other Standard template library containers and algorithms were used for different tasks (e.g. lists for calculation of moving averages). Automated routine maintenance tasks of their trading systems, through shell scripts and C++ programs, reducing execution times by more than 80%. Extracted tick data from NYSE CD’s, created PERL programs to “clean” the data (duplicates etc) and calculate hourly volumes, loaded the data into SYBASE databases using the bcp utility, and created indexes on tables. Created and updated technical documentation.

Consultant, November 2003 - January 2004, SER Solutions - Shelton, CT

Involved in the porting of the Centennium call management system from the Unix to the Windows operating system to reduce costs to clients and tap into a huge revenue potential. Responsibilities included resolving porting issues, enhancements and new development in C++ using MFC. The then present Centennium XL product, a large distributed, multithreaded system, offered efficient outbound and inbound client/server call management technology. Ported several modules, installed and configured test systems, and created an MFC application/tool that attaches to shared memory and monitors and displays statistics related to an agent\\\\\\\'s (telemarketer\\\\\\\'s or customer service representative\\\\\\\'s) worklist of outbound calls.


Software Engineer/Team Lead, September 1997 - March 2003, Smartserv Online - Stamford, CT

Brew Software Development
Designed and developed the first of Smartserv\\\\\\\'s suite of applications (branded on Qualcomm\\\\\\\'s Brew platform for CDMA devices using the Brew software development kit and Visual C++. Application provided silent login, quotes, news headlines and stories, domestic indices, phone resident watchlists and symbol search, portfolio management, real time alerts, and trading capabilities. Ease of navigation and swift response rate were targeted.

Web Based Financial Applications
Architected and implemented an object-oriented cgi application (C++ using Sun\\\\\\\'s Visual Workshop 5.0) to provide information (financial, news and entertainment) on web browsers and wireless devices including cell phones, pagers and pagewriters, in collaboration with major companies at the fore-front of the WAP (wireless application protocol) forum.
Customized for the Bank of NY and extended enhanced features to the Andrew Peck web trading application.
•Flexibility of providing content though different markup languages (HDML, WML, HTML) acceptable to individual device microbrowsers/web browsers.
•The design addressed the similarity of behavior of devices accepting a particular markup­language as well as their specific behavior based on the individual device type/user interface.


Screenphone and Voice Response Applications
Designed, developed and deployed real-time applications for Smartserv\\\\\\\'sScreenphone and Interactive Voice Response systems providing financial, transactional, news and entertainment information including real time stock quotes, stocks trading, stock alerts, email, sports, lottery, weather, horoscope and other. Designed and implemented both front-end (C/C++ and Bellcore\\\\\\\'s “ADSI” protocol using Visual C++ under Windows NT) and back­end clients and servers (C with embedded SQL in UNIX to access and manipulate data stored in Oracle databases through “Tuxedo” middleware) portions of the applications. Real-time debugging, bug fixing and design enhancement, were part of software production maintenance.


Other projects included User Portfolio and XML feeds.


Consultant, June 1997 - September 1997, Pepsi Cola, Inc. - Somers, NY

PC/LAN and UNIX network support; electronic distribution of software packages to users in the 10 business units in the country; UNIX shell scripting and DOS batch jobs; C++ and Microsoft Access programming.
•Designed application to automate electronic software distribution.
•Designed forms and reports related to scheduling software distribution and other routine tasks in Microsoft Access, meant to improve efficiency.


Materials Engineer, February 1995 - February 1997, Materials Modification Inc. - Fairfax, VA

Creation of technical (SBIR) proposals seeking grants from federal agencies; planning, coordinating, and executing tasks related to ongoing projects with primary focus on development of novel materials with multiple industrial applications, research and development of coatings and high performance composites with emphasis on value enhancement. Actively interacted with potential customers and partners to initiate state-of-the-art environmentally conscious processes/products.Worked on several Phase I and Phase II projects.Secured $60,000K contract from the Department of Defense competing against 481 other applicants.




Master of Science:Materials Engineering, 1994
University of Maryland- College Park, M D, USA
GPA: 3.84


Bachelor of Science: Engineering, 1991
Indian Institute of Technology- New Delhi, India